I had my internship program on previous January 2010, and it has been re-contracted for March 2010. I was so happy being there. I got new-fresh-many experiences, new friends, new family. Oh I do love it!

I thanked to Arie Widodo for accepting me to join in his company and giving me many things to be learned. He’s so talented, but humble. I learned that life is never ending cycle of being happy and sad. Life is about choices, and all the things we have to do is considering about priority. What’s first have to be done, then second,  and next.

Although I did my intership totally fully for finishing someothers’ Tax Return, i do really enjoy those thingy. Staying all day long [until night] in front of my lovely BLACK-Q, then i have to confirm everyone who haven’t sent any questionare or asking them for the right data they have. Sounds like i don’t have any social thingy, right?! *eeuuggghh..

But actually it wasn’t happen. I enjoy my social life there, on our basecamp, Merak 25!

Kinda missing those place badly now!

Time goes by. March is over. Due date of Tax Return is over. Oh My God, I’ve finished my duty. What a great peak-time!

Thanked God it’s over.

There were good teamwork, committment, and persistence.


Last but not least. I thanked to my new friend[intern]ship who have colored my March so bright!

I called you as GENKS MERAK!

You rock guys.

I do love for knowing y’all.

There are;

#Kressen Echen

A girl with long hair, so cute when I know she has the same tongue with me who can’t spell well the word R. *eerrr!!

Thanked for such nice friendship yaa beyb..Thank for the sharing-time a.k.a curcol when we have our lunch. Keep in touch dear galumarunuu .. 😉

#Lala Arma

A girl, which her bf is kinda like me, so possesive person. Trying to treat the couple very very well in his way. You have to be happy for having someone like him, dear! One thing i really appreciate to this girl is her love to her family. She really loves her Ibu, Bapak, and Adik. Keep it close ya dear..*smoocchh!

#The Big Tray

A man with big body, who usually called as my internship-supervisor. He is so kind with his way. Unfortunately, im kinda scared to him. Oh, no heart-feeling yaaa. Just a lil bit scared kok. 😉 Thanks anyway for your help and the ice-cream. ;p

#Slimmy Pirus

A man with nickname pirus a.k.a pria kurus and soon. For me, he is so helpful. He has helped me to finish some of my duties. BIG THANKS yaa, bro. Im so inspired by him, he still college student continuing his study at Economic Faculty, beside doing many office-thingy. Two thumbs up for you yaa! 😉

#Topik n Reby

Altough we didnt have often interaction, I know we are good team, yeeaahhh.. HHAHA


so many thanks for those moments we’ve shared together. Love y’all.



4 Comments to “friend[intern]ship…”

  1. ah thanks for your compliment (if any)

  2. thanks for reading.. 😉

  3. yaniiiiiiii.. hihi..
    ngomongin internship jadi inget magangku tahun lalu deh..
    ngomongin magang, ceritain temen2 magang..
    jadinya kemaren magang dimana ya?? ehehe

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